Katie Graham


Reed Rinderknecht

Katie Graham and Reed Rinderknecht

Please join us for our wedding celebration in Des Moines, Iowa on

Our Story

Her Version:
I was sitting in the lounge at work with my friend and law partner Coreen Sweeney talking about feeling a pull to Colorado. Within seconds, her phone was out, and she transitioned from attorney to matchmaker. She asked, "what about this guy?" I gave the green light. I had seen Reed at a fundraiser a few weeks prior, and I quote, "wow." That Sunday, he asked me out, gave me three options for restaurants, and told me he'd pick me up at 7:00pm. This was the start of something that I knew was out there, and I had been keeping my heart open to finding. And here we are.

His Version:
I was sitting in Arizona watching Wheel of Fortune while visiting my parents and got a text from my friend and triathlon buddy Coreen Sweeney, "I found your next girlfriend.... Interested?" I replied, "I'm going to need a bit more information." A few more texts, and our first date at Louie's Wine Dive was set. We both believe that the experiences we had prior to this moment prepared us for the amazing journey we are now on.