Katie Graham


Reed Rinderknecht

Wedding Party

Sarah Benz

Maid of Honor

The Ride or Die: I met Sarah through her sister and my dear friend, Emily. Sarah moved in with me when I was in my first few years at the firm. We took Des Moines by storm, followed by Playa Del Carmen, and we've been cry-laughing ever since. She helped me learn how to be me.

Anne Graham


The Girl Next Door & My Sister: I met Anne when we were neighbors, and she babysat me. She and my brother started dating, and a few short (ten) years later were married. She's been by my side through all stages, and since I was a kid. Although I haven't lived in the Waterloo area for nearly twenty years, when I need to talk, Anne always says, "come home."

Kassidy Rinderknecht


The Missing Piece: Kass was a missing piece of my puzzle. I thought I was lucky to have met Reed, but to then end up with a family of three was more than I could have asked for. Kassidy isn't a little girl that I have to take care of, but a young woman that I feel fortunate to be able to be a friend to in what I feel to be the most formative years for a woman--your twenties.

Macie Graham

Personal Attendant

The Kid I Wish I Would Have Been: She's strong, she's independent, and she's my niece. A talented actress, baker, and singer, she has the confidence and self-awareness at fourteen that it took me decades to find. Her smile, sweet spirit, and contagious laugh make everyone around her feel better. She's been waiting on this day almost as long as I have, and I am so excited to celebrate together.

Josh Rinderknecht

Best Man

The Sunshine: With a warm smile, this young man lights up any room he walks into. I wish every father had the relationship that Josh and I have. Through great times and some tough ones, we've taken on all challenges together and have loved (almost) every minute. Boating, cycling, golf, skiing, wake-surfing, football, basketball, triathlons, track, music, talking stocks, building a business from scratch, concerts, flying, and backflip cliff jumping. Your love for your friends and family is always a gift to all of us. I look forward to many more years of adventures together

Dave Graham


The Adventurer: From the moment we met, you made me feel welcome into your amazing family. I am so blessed to add the title "brother" to our relationship. I admire your passion for your family, your love of cool adventures and your heart for anyone that comes across your path. I'm so excited to get to do life together going forward. ....let's go find the big fish!

Randall Rinderknecht


The Life of the Party: This guy has been my best man since we were crawling around the floor as infants. We have experienced so much life together. It has been a blessing to live close the past almost 20 years and have our kids grow up together. The tough times have helped us really embrace and enjoy the good times. I look forward to many more family holidays and vacations together and also to taking his money on the golf course this summer.

Geoff Christy


The Rock: On a hot summer day in Ottumwa, Iowa, I showed up for high school football 2-a-days, and this guy brought me into his tribe. We've been inseparable ever since. The sports, laughs, adventures, concerts, and fun we've had together is in the "legendary" category. At my best, your were there.....at my lowest points, you were there. Your unwavering friendship has blessed me beyond words. The fact that we now to get to work together at Foster Group every day and live life together. is just another example of God's goodness and sense of humor. "Gimme Paw.....and Coming to Get Ya"

Dawson Graham


DG: The Young Man that Everyone Wishes Would Marry their Daughter Someday: Dave and Anne's son and my new nephew. You inspire me and give me hope for the next generation. Your kindness and work ethic is something to watch. I love your heart for your family and I am thankful that I get to be apart of it! Looking forward to some great times ahead!

Jason Brown


My Brother from Another : Six years ago, a new guy started at Foster Group. I had heard a bit about him and even met him once at the lake. A former pastor and collegiate athlete, Jason's competitive spirit, open mindedness to politics, religion, and life quickly made us very close friends. It's rare to find another dude that helps you become better every day, but Jason does.....for me and many others that cross his path. I couldn't imagine getting married without his heart and wisdom guiding our way.